Skincare and Treatment



1.5 hours

Proper skincare will keep the outermost layer intact, maintaining enough hydration in the inner layers. A good skin care routine helps your skin look more hydrated & prevent wrinkles. Surprising benefits of good skin care include restored firmness, even texture, protection from sun damage. Good skin care is linked to better overall health, both physical and mental. At BrianBrows, you are treated with the best skincare services and latest techniques including Microneedling, Facial Peels, BB Glow, Acne Treatment, Deep Skincare Treatment, Melasma Treatment.



We want to welcome you into our calm and relaxing atmosphere and provide you with the latest techniques so you feel and look your best! Our team has received all certifications and education at the highest level to ensure the best for our clients. 

Halifax Location

Address: 1300 Hollis St, Halifax, NS, CA B3J 3S4

Tel: + 1 (902) 407 2207



Sydney Location

Address: 250 Welton St, Sydney, NS, CA B1P 5S2

Tel : + 1 (902) 539 3666


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